Swimming Pools and IGs-What You Need to Know

Italian Greyhounds and un-fenced pools are a scary combination even with appropriate supervision. Add a dog door to the mix and sooner or later it becomes a DEADLY combination. IGs are prone to drowning-regardless of how many times you show them the way out, or how well ‘trained’ they are to swim-it is just a matter of time without vigilant supervision and precautions in place.


When a minimally-buoyant dog falls into the water, startles, panics, and begins to flail it only takes seconds for them to go under. If they do manage to make it back up above water, they have to stay up long enough to paddle to quite typically a SINGLE place they can get out. Is it worth the gamble that they might make it out before they succumb to sheer exhaustion coupled with being terrified? We have heard tragic story, after tragic story and have vowed a commitment to the safety and well-being of every IG in our program when it comes to pools.

If you are considering this breed and have an un-fenced pool, or a pool with fencing that has spaces large enough for an IG to fit through, we will ask for special agreements in considering you as an adopter. We may also ask that you install a pool alarm.

If you have a dog door that leads to a yard with an un-fenced pool we will not be able to process your application. If you have plans to install a fence or other permanent and secure barrier, please let us know when that is complete and we will be happy to process your application at that time.

 DO practice swimming and exits in the pool with your IG in a controlled setting, but DON’T depend on that to save their lives. Nothing replaces eyes on supervision and immediate extraction from the water.


The below home security video footage of an unsecured pool was shared with us by a little IG’s dad in hopes that it will help educate IG owners, spare their hearts from devastation, and spare the lives of IGs that trust their parents to keep them safe. After falling into the pool on last potty break of the evening, Betsy frantically looked for a way out for 7 minutes. This is the last minute of the footage. You can see how exhausted she was when she finally made it to the stairs. Her dad had no idea she was fighting for her life in the backyard until she finally made it inside soaking wet, and he looked back at the footage. He knows he has been given a miracle and a second chance and now has safety measures in place to prevent future incidents.


Keep your pool a Happy Place!