Fostering in San Antonio

Viva Fiesta!!!!  Hi my name is Turbo and I live in San Antonio.  Would you believe that I am 11 years old and this is the first time I’ve been to Fiesta?  Well I love it and I’ve sent pictures to all my friends and family.  I’m a compact little guy about 10 lbs. I only have 3 teeth left but it doesn’t slow down my eating at all.   My family and I lived outside for quite a while, but all that changed since New Years Day.  We have nice warm beds and blankets and good food now.  I love food!  I can be very determined when food is around.  I have improved tremendously in my housebreaking skills and my pet sitter says I have done really well with no accidents the last time I stayed at her house.  I do wear a belly band but am slowly learning not to mark.  She didn’t have to change it all day because I didn’t have any accidents.  I love to play and run around the house like a 4 year old.  I love to snuggle and sit on laps.  If my forever home would like to take me out and about I would really like that.  I’m a really friendly guy and like having tons of friends.