Fostering in Oklahoma


Slater is a sweet and energetic, 8-year-old boy who gets along well with everyone and everything he meets!   He is cat safe, although he thinks that the cat in his foster home is there for his chasing entertainment, which the cat is not too happy about.  He loves people, and is happiest when he can curl up on the couch under a blanket next to his family.  Slater is happy to go into his crate at night and when his foster mom has to go somewhere, probably because he knows he will get a special treat.  He’s not too happy about going outside when the cold winter wind is blowing, but can be bribed with treats.  Slater LOVES toys, especially ones with squeakers in them!  He loves to play fetch with his toys and will race after them and bring them back so that they can be thrown again.  Slater entered rescue weighing almost 25 lbs, but with a healthy diet and exercise, he is now a slim and beautiful 14 lbs.  He is very fond of eating, and so his foster family has to be careful not to leave food where he can reach it, and if he finds the pantry door open even a crack, he will get in and start helping himself.  He loves going on walks and has wonderful leash manners.  Slater has been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, and was on medication until it started causing problems with his kidneys.  After being off of the medication for a while, tests showed no sign of the Cushing’s disease and so he is currently only taking a thyroid medication.  He will require occasional bloodwork to ensure that the Cushing’s doesn’t reappear and that his kidneys continue to function normally.  There is no way to know how this disease might affect him in the long-term; he could live a long, healthy life, or the tumor in his pituitary gland could decide to grow, causing neurological problems.  This boy is incredibly sweet and can’t wait to find a forever home that will give hi


m all of the love and attention he knows he deserves!

Read up on Cushing's Disease here. It's a great article that is easy to understand-