Fostering in Sugar Land

Penne Rigato is beautiful fawn and white and weighs 13 pounds.  She has an extensive biography for her young age of 2 years old.  We even know the day she was born, October 30, 2015.  Her original family loved and adored her.  They taught her to sit, walk on a leash, and to come when she is called.  They house-trained her and took her to the vet for all her vaccinations.  They took her places to socialize her and she loves every person and dog she meets.  She plays vigorously with toys and entertains herself by play attacking the dog beds.  Her play is not destructive at all.  It is just cute and funny to watch.  She also plays gently and appropriate with other IGs.

We know everything about her, which is not very common for IGs who wind up in foster homes.  So why did the loved and adored Penne get surrendered to rescue?  It was because Penne developed a neurological disorder when she was just a very young puppy.  She had seizures.  The visits with the neurologist and the anti-seizure medicine was something the family could not afford.  But they wanted Penne to receive treatment and to have a great life, so they surrendered her to IG Rescue.

Penne adapted to life in her foster home almost immediately.  Within a few months her seizures were more under control with consultations and adjustments to medicines.  Now she has a seizure about twice per month and they only last two minutes at most.  The medicine makes her a little uncoordinated, but it just adds to her adorable charm.  She does not jump up on furniture.  She doesn’t even try.  If we lift her onto the couch, we hold her to make sure she doesn’t tumble off.  She is sort of like a perpetual puppy that knows how to behave.

Penne is a “special needs” IG because of her neurological condition requires daily commitment to administer medicine to her.  But she is a very happy, playful, loving, beautiful, young Italian Greyhound.  We just think she is very special.