Fostering in Houston

My name is: Ludo
Age (estimated DOB): October 2008
Primary Color: Fawn (Tan)
Weight: 15.5 pounds
Gender: Male
Location (City, State): The Woodlands, TX
My adoption readiness status: I am available for adoption
My optimal Adoptive Home: Low Energy/Activity
Has someone that is home mostly during the day
Is okay with a dog in their lap quite frequently
I Do Well With: Children under 12 no
Children over 12 yes
Cats yes
Other small dogs yes
Medium or Large Dogs yes
Apartment Homes maybe
We have selected 'Maybe' as an option for apartment living. These are the requirements that must be met for this IG to be considered for an apartment home: Ludo is low energy but does not walk on a leash due to his disability. He would need a very safe familiar space to potty. He should not be in a living situation with stairs since he is blind.
At night, I prefer to sleep in: A dog bed
My human's bed
Walking on a leash Due to a missing let, Ludo moves very slowly. He does best when given a space to explore on his own for exercise. He cannot keep up the pace of a normal walk. However, he would probably love to ride in a stroller.  He does like to get out.
Crate training-please note that we teach crating as a 'safe happy personal space' where the IG can rest/sleep when confinement is necessary. Crates should NEVER be used as a punishment or 'time out' space. Ludo does not use a crate. He is perfectly safe and content when left in a familiar space with his bed, blanket and water.
Italian Greyhounds are known for housebreaking issues and most will have occasional accidents. Many come to us as surrenders due to excessive potty accidents indoors. This is typically the result of poor potty routines within the previous home so we do typically get them on track fairly quickly. As an IG parent you must be willing to commit to a structured and reasonable routine to keep your iggy from having excessive indoor accidents. My house-training Status is: Occasional accidents
Ludo does well with his potty habits most of the time if they are managed by a human. He sleeps most of the day, so whenever he gets up, it is a sign that he needs to go out. His maximum time without a potty break is about 4 hours. He does have multiple bowel movements throughout the day and these are usually done at the same time he goes out.  Ludo does routinely wake up in the night and need to go to the bathroom.  He does not indicate the need to go out, but if taken outside as soon as he wakes, he will not have an accident.
A little more about me and my personality: Ludo is a lover boy! He is very mild mannered and perfectly content to be asleep on his bed for most of the day as long as he has a soft bed and a cozy blanket.  If there are other dogs around his yard (beyond the fence), he will bark/challenge them with his barking like any other dog.  He loves to be held, to sleep on a lap, or in the bed with you. Due to his disabilities, he is pretty reserved and hesitant to be mobile and inquisitive.  Ludo does not mind other dogs or cats.  He will call/cry out when he is lost (in the yard) or scared.

When Ludo wakes up from sleeping, he needs to use the bathroom right away. If left for more than 4 (best case) - 6 (absolute max) hours, he will have an accident. Because Ludo is hesitant and cannot get outside quickly by himself, he needs to be carried outside to do his business.  If he is not taken outside, he will go wherever he is (on the carpet, floor, blankets, etc).  Despite being exposed to potty pads, Ludo has never used one.

Because Ludo does not see, he relies highly on his sense of smell and sound to navigate his environment. He does best in a quiet, low key environment, and an environment that is free of clutter (i.e., no small toys or items that could cause him to trip and fall). Ludo should not be in a house with stairs or a house with a pool.  A house with young children may be stressful to him.

Ludo is entirely dependent on his humans to have his needs met.  He gets excited about meal time and snacks.  He WILL steal food from others (cats or dogs) if he has the opportunity.  Ludo gets excited and barks at a knock on the door if the other dogs are also barking.  Ludo needs a home that will be patient with him and understand his disabilities.  He needs a home that has several soft beds for him to rest.
If I have a known medical issue or am taking any medications, they are listed here: Ludo is completely blind due to a protein buildup in his eyes.  He is also missing his left front leg due to an accident he suffered several years ago. Ludo also has a very sensitive gastrointestinal tract and eats a specific diet. Small changes to his diet can cause major GI upset.  He has a tendency towards an infection around his penis.  He should be frequently monitored for discharge, but will often display signs of infection by whimpering or licking the area.