Dallas/Fort Worth

Presenting the great Willem!  Willem is 17 pounds of pure cuteness.  He is a very handsome, long legged, well-behaved blue Iggy boy.  Willem does not meet a stranger!  He is 9 years old, very affectionate, and loves to be silly with his human.  Willem is low key around the home.  He uses the doggy door while his humans are home and at times is found lying on a soft comfy chair outside while sun bathing.  Willem gets along with the rest of the pack in his foster home.  He would be okay alone or with another sister or brother.

Willem is a healthy, sweet, and playful boy.  He enjoys walks and spending LOTS of time with his human. When his foster mother goes out for a short errand, Willem can be left outside his kennel, but for longer times away from home he should stay in his kennel to avoid an ‘accident.’ Unfortunately, this sweet boy had a very infected mouth with badly decayed teeth at the time of his intake. We were able to get him feeling so much better, but it did require that all but one of his teeth be extracted. He eats a soft diet without any problems at all.