Fostering in Montgomery

Hi! My name is Wesley. I'm almost 6-1/2 months old and I am a puppy! My foster mom says I'm really unique because I only have one color, Silky Black! Sometimes she calls me Black Beauty and a lot of time she calls me Spitfire!

She laughs and laughs when I run around, especially chasing after my foster sister in the yard. I do pretty good keeping up with her and the other two dogs and one time when all 3 started running toward me I just jumped over them!

I am potty trained, when kept on schedule and love going outside to play with my foster brother and sisters. When the weather is nice we spend a lot of time out there. When Mom says let's go outside we all run to the door and when we're finished playing, she says in the house and we all run in the house. When my foster mom watches television she pulls out a big blanket and all four of us find our spots and relax so she can watch TV. I usually don't sleep like the others do but I lay quiet so Mom can watch television.

I heard Mom talking about me one day, it seems when I was about 3 months old a nice man found me covered in fleas and ticks, underweight and really sick. I don't know how long I was on my own but I was a very very scared, sick puppy.

He took care of me and got me healthy and now I'm with my foster mom. I still get scared with new things, with new people, with new dogs because I have to learn to trust them first, like I did with Mom and her pack, they scared me but I trust them now!

I love my new life but would love to find my forever family! Is that you??