Dallas/Fort Worth

Hello everyone- I would like to introduce myself…I’m TRILBY! If I am ever around, you will know it for sure, because I will be asking you to hold me and love me-anyone will do! I get along with men, women, and older well-behaved children just fine.

I am currently living with another iggy who is very shy, so I have been trying to show him the ropes- even though it is very hard for me to wait my turn when my foster mom wants to give him love. I will say that I have been doing a VERY good job of showing him how to receive belly rubs, hugs, cuddles, and kisses!

My favorite spot is in your lap under a blanket or being cradled just like an infant. I can lay like that through an entire movie! I am a tiny little red beauty at just over 9 pounds and I am around 6.5 years old. I love to spend time in the yard, but that needs to be limited now that the rescue people found a few little spots on me called hemangiomas. These are little blood fed growths that can turn into skin cancer, so it is very important that I do not spend too much time soaking up the rays. The good news is that I also LOVE squeaky toys, so I can get just as much enjoyment and entertainment indoors with plenty of those around!

I guess I should also mention a few things that I am still trying to perfect-Potty skills are a work in progress but my accidents are getting further between. The biggest issue is that I have not yet developed a ‘bat-signal’ for when I need to go, so I sometimes make a mistake if I am not let out on a very routine schedule. And I also like to get ON the coffee table. My foster mom is working on teaching me the difference between the couch (OK to get on) and the coffee table (NOT OK to get on).

Hmmmm-have I left anything out? Oh- I just had a dental, was found to be heartworm negative, and all my shots have been brought up to date, so that just leaves a forever home on my ‘to-do’ list. I can’t wait to meet you. Love, Trilby