Fostering in San Antonio

Hi, Hi, Hi! Tevi here.  Mom (foster) said that since I’ve been in rescue for a while that I was ready to write my own bio.  So here I go.  If I do say so myself I am kind of a handsome dude, don’t you think? I keep myself slim…12 lb by eating right and exercising at the dog park. I am about 5-6 years old.  I have all sorts of hidden talents.  I can always tell when it’s time to go to bed or if my foster Mom or Dad need to go out somewhere, I run into my crate so I can beat my foster brothers and sisters to the treats.  I like to have first choice.  I love to eat!  I am right up front when my foster dad is handing out treats and CHEESE.  I also love vegetables, even kale!  I give my foster mom and dad kisses and nose sniffs now which I learned from my foster brother.  I love to play with toys and enjoy playing with my foster brothers and sisters.

When I came into rescue I was a bit scared since I wasn’t use to people, but I’ve come a long way baby!  Sometimes they still make me nervous, especially men.  I had some medical issues but I’m doing well now.  What I am looking for in a forever family is someone who will be home with me a lot because I need to continue to socialize with people.  Also, I need a fur brother or sister to give me courage when I encounter new things.  I will also need a yard to potty, because even though I am housebroken I get too nervous on leash to potty, so I need someplace quiet to potty.  Going out into the world still scares me some, so I need practice being on leash, but I do pretty well when I’m with my fur brother.  I also enjoy the dog park and have made lots of friends.