Fostering in Austin

Hello! My name is Sherlock. I’m 4 years old and an awfully cute and affectionate boy. I’m pretty sure my parents named me Sherlock because I like to follow everyone around to see what they are doing! Not many things can get past me…

I’m looking for my forever home with my forever family. I love to cuddle and love to play. I’m most happy when your around and ready to cuddle. I get along really well with other dogs but I always try my hardest to be the closest to you.

I’m definitely a people person. I get along with everyone, even strangers. If you want to pet me and play with me, I’ll be your best friend.
I occasionally have accidents in my kennel when I’m left alone for more than 3-4 hours. However I do like to lift my leg outside to make sure that I don’t pee on my bedding. No one wants to sleep in a wet bed. Occasionally at night I do like to get up to go to the potty. Don’t worry I’ll let you know when it’s time.

I do have some special needs too. I have to take eye drops every 12 hours for a condition known as Diabetes Insipidus or Water Diabetes -not the kind that causes high blood sugar. No worries I’m used to my drops now. Just don’t forget that I get a treat when I’m done! If I don’t get my eye drops I drink water uncontrollably and don’t really know when to stop and it makes me have an upset tummy and a large production of urine. Taking my drops on a very strict schedule keeps all of this under control, so someone that is mostly home and is a stickler for schedules would be a best forever home for me.

I’m always happy and I always want to be around people… just more of the mystery on how I became Sherlock!