Fostering in Pasadena, TX

My name is: Scarlett Rose

Age (estimated DOB): <1 yr

Primary Color: Reddish/Fawn

Weight: 25+

Gender: Female

Location (City, State): Pasadena, TX

My adoption readiness status:  I am more than ready for my loving home!

My optimal Adoptive Home: A place with plenty of love, some patience, and some ways to expend energy.  Good with everyone.  Would enjoy a 4 legged companion.

I Do Well With:  

Children under 12: yes

Children over 12: yes

Cats: yes

Other small dogs: yes

Medium or Large Dogs: yes

Apartment Homes: yes, but I need sufficient exercise.

At night, I prefer to sleep in: My human's bed, but have been trained to sleep in my crate in my human’s room.

Walking on a leash: I walk pretty nicely on a leash but haven’t yet mastered leash “perfect” behavior.

Crate training:  I am create trained for when my foster family is out and at night.  I am comfortable in it.

A little more about me and my personality: I am a sweatheart and oversized puppy, literally.  While I am not all Italian Greyhound, topping out over 25 lbs, I am a total sweetie of IG on the inside.  I love everyone and am a super, happy girl.   I can never make a single enemy because I am a lover, not a fighter.

I enjoy dinner, playing with my people, playing with my canine companion and long romps outside as weather permits.  I would love a home that provides plenty of love and ways to burn energy since I am so young.  I am submissive but not fearful so I do best where others won’t pick on me…  Because, after all,all you need is love.

If I have a known medical issue or am taking any medications, they are listed here: No current medical issues!