Sage is a long, tall, handsome and happy guy, about 4 to 5 years old and weighing in 13 lb.  He has a beautiful Italian Greyhound prance and a constantly wagging tail.  In fact, he wags his tail all the way to his ears!  Just imagine Sage walking and wagging at the same time:  he would surely win any hula contest in the continental US and maybe even Hawaii.  He loves toys and quickly claimed a squeaky toy abandoned by his foster brothers.  Sage will even retrieve his beloved tennis ball and return it to you to toss again.  He sits on command, waits patiently for his food bowl, and loves to snuggle with his people.

Walking Sage on leash has been an adventure.  He is easily startled so we take care to make sure he doesn’t slip away.  A crowd of bicycles, a bird hopping on the ground, a man in sunglasses have all caused distress.  But, he has become accustomed to other things that initially worried him.  With continued reassurance, he will blossom into a confident dog.

Although initially timid and wary, Sage warms up, snuggles up, and buddies up quickly to adults, kids and dogs.  The jury is still out on cats.  Squirrels are the enemy.  Sage greets the doorbell with warning barks, especially if he does not recognize the person at the door, but accepts his person’s command to be calm and quiet.  Sage should be good as an “only dog” or as a new brother in an existing pack.

He is especially happy dashing around the back yard.  Sage runs like the wind and corners on a dime.  He leaps into the air, whirls around 180 degrees, and then tears back in the direction he just came from!  He has an amazingly graceful jump.   Unfortunately, he uses that beautiful leap to clear the dog gates meant to keep him away from the cat’s food (which may explain why the cat swats at him when Sage walks by too closely.)

Sage is a sweet, beautiful dog.  We all love his blue-fawn color and the creamy-white streak on his chest.  His creamy white toes remind us of ballet slippers, but don’t tell him we said that.  He has some hair loss along his back, which is not uncommon in dogs with his blue-fawn coloring, so a sweater or jacket is a good idea for cooler days and protection from the sun on warmer days.  His hair is full and soft on his chest and face.  He loves to have someone scratch him all over and to rub his velvet ears.  At 13.7 pounds, he is a pound or so underweight, which will be corrected with good nutrition.

Like most Italian Greyhounds, he takes long naps during the day and sleeps through the night in his crate, burrowed under his blanket.  He is reliably house trained if you watch for his cues:  he quietly walks to the door when he needs to go out.

Sage is very adoptable.  He is loving and loveable.  He wants so much to please people.  If, similarly, you are loving and loveable and want to please a good dog, then you and Sage may be a good match.