North DFW area

(special needs)

Well of course because I am special. Hello, I am Rimini, Remi for short. I am a seal colored male who is about 4 years old. I have been learning about people and have decided to show myself to the world. Now I am a very slim guy and keep slim and trim by monitoring my food intake. No matter how much my foster mom feeds me I just stop when I am full. I am learning to love cuddles under a blanket. When my foster brother gets on the sofa and cuddles with mom I instantly settle until moved.

I like my exercise pen and have a wire kennel inside because I like to see everything around me. I have puppy pads so you never have to go outside in the heat and cold. I would say I am about 90% with the pads. My only mistakes are when my foster mom doesn’t time things out right. I swear, that is her fault not mine. However, lately she has been helping me learn about going outside.

I am learning to ride in a puppy sling so that I bond to you and learn people are good and loving and no one will hurt me. Just the other day I let a stranger pet me while riding in my sling. Also, I have begun harness and leash lessons in the yard. My foster dad swears that it looks like I’m trying to please my mom when we walk around the yard.

Ok, so here is my criteria to let you love me. I need someone who can continue to work with me as I am still frightened of people and being handled. My foster mom believes I will always be a quiet and shy guy so I need that special bond to one or two people. I think other small dogs would be ok but they should be quiet and gentle. Do you have a gentle small dog that might want to cuddle up and teach me about being loved? I haven’t been around cats or kids so I think maybe that isn’t a good idea. My foster mom said to tell you she will stay in touch and help you with anything you need because she loves me and wants me to have a happy forever home. She needs to help other dogs like me feel safe and find their forever home so we thought we would take a peek out in the world for someone super special enough to love me forever and ever. Much love Rimini.