Paisley is a very special girl who is looking for a lap that is all her own.  This sweet 8 year old is a heart stealer, and her entire foster family is smitten with her!  She loves everyone, especially if they are willing to cuddle on the couch and pet her.  She’s not bothered by the loudness of the two young boys in her foster home, but loves cuddling with them on the couch and soaking up their love.  She gets along well with other dogs and is fine with cats, although she will run after them if they run away.  She doesn’t usually have accidents in the house and will even stand at the back door and bark to let her foster mom know she wants to go out!  She sleeps quietly in her crate when her foster family is out and at night, although she loves it when her foster mom lets her cuddle on the bed during nap time.  She will play with the other IGs in the house a little bit, but backs out of the play when they start to get too rowdy.  Paisley walks well on a leash, but can get fearful when strangers approach.  The vet was concerned that she might have Cushing’s (see link below); when tested, her numbers were elevated, but they weren’t high enough to warrant medication since she isn’t exhibiting any problematic symptoms.  Paisley is a gentle, shy soul who just wants love, joy, attention, and a family all her own.

Read up on Cushing’s disease here. It’s a great article that is easy to understand-