Fostering in Austin

Special Needs: Naples is a super cutie, but also super shy, 3 year old iggy pup. He was part of the Texas 60 group that came into rescue last year and is still adjusting to life with humans. He would be a good fit for a home that has only one other dog that is confident, social, and calm. He has no aggression but is still fearful of humans. He likes to be in the same room as you, just not right next to you. While we are very hopeful that he will eventually come to fully understand the love and kindness shown by those who care for him, there is a possibility that he will always have a slight anxiety toward humans, so his potential adopter would have to be accepting of that. His new family will have to really understand that he is still in recovery and rehab, and that could be a very long process. Balancing pushing him just a tad to except the new, without overwhelming him and causing a setback, is the key to progress with these little mill babies.
He is crate trained and spends most of his day hanging out in the crate with the door open. We are still working on the leash with him. Since he is still fearful when humans approach; no neighborhood walks for him just yet. If you are sitting still, Naples will slowly approach and give you a little sniff.  He has been good about going outside to go potty, you just have to figure out the nervous circling vs the potty circling. He does have a tendency to jump off the few stairs that we have so he would have to be in a home with little to no stairs at all for safety reasons. He is learning to play with toys and loves to run around the yard with another dog. 
Due to Naples' need for ongoing social rehab and high flight risk he is not available for out of state adoptions, to families living in apartments, or to families with small children. A securely fenced yard, with direct access through a door from the house, is an absolute necessity.