Fostering in Dallas/Fort Worth

My name is: Monte
Age (estimated DOB): 08-19-12 (est)
Primary Color: White with Seal Markings
Weight: 10 pounds
Gender: Male
Location (City, State): Sherman Texas
My adoption readiness status: My foster home is helping me with a behavioral, emotional, or medical situation, so I would only be available at this time to a family willing and able to take on and commit to a special needs IG
My optimal Adoptive Home: Moderate Energy/Activity
Has a Canine Companion
Has an Italian Greyhound Companion
Has someone that can come home at lunch and let me out to potty
Has an area that can be set up for me to stay in during a full work day with potty pads
Is okay with a dog in their lap quite frequently
Is familiar with fearful behavior and/or has experience with dogs that have been abused/neglected in their past
Has time and patience to dedicate to continuing my social rehabilitation
Must have a securely fenced in yard (not an available dog park area)
Must be in Texas or Oklahoma- out of state adoption would be highly unlikely for me
I Do Well With: Children under 12 unknown
Children over 12 yes
Cats yes
Other small dogs yes
Medium or Large Dogs no
Apartment Homes no
At night, I prefer to sleep in: My human's bed
Italian Greyhounds are known for housebreaking issues and most will have occasional accidents. Many come to us as surrenders due to excessive potty accidents indoors. This is typically the result of poor potty routines within the previous home so we do typically get them on track fairly quickly. As an IG parent you must be willing to commit to a structured routine to keep your iggy from having excessive indoor accidents. My house-training Status is: Very rare or no indoor accidents
A little more about me and my personality: Monte is really a silly little boy. He is still not comfortable going outside. We are actively working on that. He loves to play with the little dogs in his house. He tends to take the toys and run away with them to chew on. He has a potty dance when in his kennel before he does it on his tinkle pad. He likes to be out and about in the house. He is a true Velcro dog. He tends to walk on our feet when we are walking. He is in whatever room we are in.  He loves to be under a blanket to take his naps. He loves animal crackers!