Fostering in Dallas/Fort Worth

Hi Everyone! My name is Monte and I am looking for my special forever family. I had a pretty rough start in the beginning of my life, but that’s in the past. I am learning that there are people that want to love and take care of me. Sometimes I get nervous, but then I realize that I love all the attention!! I love to hang out on the couch with you and follow you around to see if I can help. I am extra good in the kitchen if something is dropped. You do not have to worry about anything being on the floor. I am here to help!!

I am currently living with both cats and dogs in my foster home. I don’t mind the cats. I leave them alone and they leave me alone. I have two larger foster sisters that like to play a little rough so I hang out with my foster mom when they get that way. I think I would prefer no large brothers or sisters. My little foster sister and I play all the time. We love to play tug of war! Sometimes I steal toys from her. Hee Hee. I get the zoomies sometimes and my foster mom says I am silly, but I tell her that’s what Italian Greyhounds do! I do love dinner time and eat in my exercise pen. I will stand at the open door until my foster dad brings my food. I gobble it down so that I can come back out and hang out. I am potty pad trained and I am working up to going outside to potty. Outside is still a scary place for me, but I am brave and getting better about it every day. My foster family and I are working on it still. We are also working on walking me with a leash, but there are noises that I am not sure of and they make me nervous. I know I will be able to do it! I go into my exercise pen at night when it is sleepy time. It is sometimes tiring being me. If you are looking to add a love bug to your family, I would be a great choice! I am looking forward to meeting you! These are a couple of things that will need to be important in my new home- securely fenced back yard with stair free access directly to the yard, no small children, a small and confident companion dog to be my K-9 role model, and a family willing and able to continue my social rehab so I can learn about being outdoors and continue to get more comfortable around people in general. I am not eligible for out of state adoptions. Oh yeah- the stats… I am around 5 years old, weigh in as an average sized IG at 12-13 pounds, and I am mostly white with some dark spots (seal pied.)