Fostering in Austin

Introducing the sweetest 10 year old girl in town, Miranda! This lovely lady came into rescue weighing a whopping 22 pounds and with a heart as big as her waistline. Mira was used to being the princess in her former home, but when her family was no longer able to care for her, she came to rescue. She is sweet, smart, and a bit sassy; never afraid to ask for more affection or let you know it’s time for breakfast. She gets along well with dogs, cats, and children.

She’s been on a diet to help shed those extra rolls and is down to 12 pounds as of December 2016. It turned out her excess weight was due in part to an untreated low thyroid level and Cushing’s Syndrome, which requires a couple pills a day to help keep her hormones in check. She will need to be monitored 1-2 times a year to be sure her hormone levels are kept at the optimal levels with her medications. 

All of Mira’s vetting has been completed and she is anxiously awaiting her forever home!

Read up on Cushing’s Syndrome here. It’s a great article that is easy to understand- http://www.kateconnick.com/library/cushingsdisease.html