Fostering in North Texas Area

Lucky is a great dog and a joy to foster. She is a frisky and playful biggy red girl of 11 years- her age is shocking to anyone who meets and interacts with her because she is VERY young at heart. It is so obvious she was loved and well-cared for by the family that had to give her up.
She has excellent house manners and always lets you know when she needs to go outside.  If you are busy and not really paying attention to her “needs” she will trot back and forth from you to the door to let you know she really needs to go outside.  Sometimes she will bark, sometimes not; it depends on her mood, I guess.  She has never had an accident in the house.  She is active and loves to chase squirrels in the backyard, play with stuffed toys and retrieve balls.
 She walks well on a leash but if she encounters another dog on a walk, she wants to tell them all about how she owns the side walk, so you will need to keep this in mind. She does get along well with my IG and I would think she would get along with other dogs in the house as well.  She loves car rides.  She loves to lay in your arms (like you are holding a baby) and have her tummy rubbed.  She would lay like that all day if she could!
She loves her blanket and will crawl under it herself but if she has problems, she will stand there, look at you and “ruff” for assistance.  She is smart and knows several commands such as; come, sit, lay down, outside, go to bed, treat.  She has a voracious appetite and if you have other dogs, you will need to watch to see that she doesn’t eat both her food and their food 🙂 She would be a great companion for an older adult but would also be a great dog for an older child to play with.  She is easy going and really has no issues other than getting her nails clipped.  She really does not care much for that but then, I’ve not come across a dog that particularly likes it either!   Oh, yes, she does not like being crated.  She will bark, whine and cry to show her dismay, so this is a work in progress.  At night, she sleeps on her doggie bed on the floor beside my bed.  If you are gone during the day, she is good to be left free to roam the house.  She doesn’t chew things like your shoes or the furniture or anything like that- a TRUE advantage to adopting a senior!  She is very well behaved but also a lively girl so she can get pretty vocal when outside playing and chasing squirrels. If you knock on the glass pane and shake your finger at her, telling her “no” she will quiet down.  I’ll end this like I started; Lucky is a great dog and a joy to foster.