Jenny & Roozie

Fostering in Beaumont

We are Jenny and Roozie. We are brother and sister who have lived together all our lives until we lost our original family and home.  We love each other and would like to stay together. We are a social, fun-loving, 10 year-old duo.

I’m Jenny –the one with mostly white body and fawn patches.  I’m about 14 pounds and my eyes will melt your heart.

I’m Roozie. I am a mostly fawn male with white patches.  I weigh about 15 pounds.  My big eyes are full of happiness, with a slight twinkle of mischief.

We sleep together on the couch or in a doggie bed.  I, Jenny, like to be under a blanket, but Roozie doesn’t.  I will let you know if Roozie pulls the blanket off of me and I cannot get back under by myself.  I love my blankie.

I, Jenny, am a very sweet and gentle lady without the nervous energy that some iggies have.  I am not hesitant to become friends with humans, other dogs, or even cats for that matter!  I use a potty pad and also go outside to take care of my personal business.

At my age I, Roozie, am not high-energy.  Like many iggies, I do enjoy loving attention and snuggling. Respectful children would be good for me.  Like my sister, I do like my blanket but I don’t have to be under it all the time—if I do want to go under it, I may ask for help. My foster mom says I am a silly guy that is always happy.  I am friendly with everyone. I also use a potty pad and go outside to take care of my personal business. I’m used to wearing a belly-band when unsupervised.

Our foster home has several other IGs that have welcomed us into their pack and we have done well, but we would love a family and home to call our own again.