Dallas/Fort Worth

Gracie has the prettiest brown Iggy eyes and has a way of looking at you that just melts your heart.  She is a nice sized girl weighing in at about 13 pounds, and has a trim figure.  She is an easy going gal that prefers car rides and lounging, over playing with toys or zooming around the backyard.  She is most happy cuddling up next to you on the couch and gets along well with the other IG in the house.  She crates well and sleeps well in her crate during the night.  Gracie responds to the verbal command “pen up”.
Her house-training cues are very subtle, so it is best to keep her confined to areas of the home where you will see her signals to avoid an accident–She does not give any clues that she needs to go out, other than walking up to the door, so she must be watched when she gets up and starts wandering around. If a potty pad is left out, she will use that if you don’t catch her “clue” soon enough. She enjoys the security of her crate when you are away from home so that ensures an accident-free zone upon your arrival back.
This sneaky girl has a tendency to want to get into the trash and if something is left low enough for her to reach, watch out, it is gone!  She has a fear of thunder but not to the extent that she becomes totally uncontrollable-a reassuring snuggle will do the trick.  If she knows you are near and can sit next to you during the storm, she is okay.
Gracie is a beautiful 12-year old blue-fawn girl who just wants to love you. She would do best with someone at home most of the time, as well as a home without small children.