New Braunfels

Gino is a Snuggle-Bug but might be better named Rosso because of his beautiful red color.  He is a happy, tall & long, beautiful guy, estimated to be about 8 years old.  He is weighing in at 13 lbs. He has gained weight and could use a little more. He has no problems with eating or waiting for meals and treats and he is not food aggressive.

He is always happy, he prances, wags, snuggles and kisses all day. Gino loves chasing with his foster siblings and playing with his favorite squeak toys. Running in the yard and chasing Iggy siblings or squirrels is a daily past time.

Gino is successful walking on a leash with his 3 siblings.  He does not seem to be startled by movements or sounds from humans or other dogs.  We are told he was raised with other pets, dog/cat? and he loves socialization.  He has a ferocious Iggy-bark at neighborhood dogs who are barking.

We are still working on house training.  Gino is good at going outside with his siblings but there are still house accidents.  He loves his human family.  Gino is starting to know his name but he needs reminders.

Gino sleeps in a kennel with or near his foster siblings. He nests with warm blankets until he gets his bed “just right”.  He sleeps through the night with no problems.

A family with someone at home part of the day with activity time and nap time would be perfect for Gino. He is good with other dogs and a cat but we do not know about children. He loves to snuggle and nap next to people.

He will be a wonderful loving addition to a family with other dogs and lots of snuggle and play time.