Flip Spurs

Fostering in Montgomery

Hi, my name is Flip Spurs, but everybody just calls me Mr. Flip… or just Flip.. my three siblings and I were surrendered by my mom because she got old and could not take care of herself anymore. I spent all of my 10 years with her and she was the best..

I’m a cuddly little, 11lb thing, so full of love and I will bond with you almost immediately. I still have spunk left in me for a 10-year-old, and I love to play and sunbathe.
I’m just a happy go lucky boy, always wagging my tail, and I get along with other dogs as I have never lived alone. My foster mom has three of her own and another foster, and we all sleep together. I do get jealous when my mom loves on the other dogs, but I just squeeze between them. It works every time.

I love when mom gives me treats, but I noticed the only time she does that is after I pee outside.. I heard her say that somehow that discourages accidents in the house . I am crate trained but take me outside right away in the morning so I can relieve myself!

My real mom couldn’t afford to give me dentals and I had been in pain for a very very long time, until rescue sent me to the dentist . All my teeth are gone and it was such a relief to be pain-free ! I’m so used to being protective of my mouth, you have to take it slow to pet my head until I know for sure you won’t be hurting me. Oh yeah my foster mom put me on a diet so I look like an Italian greyhound now! I’ve got curves!

I do understand certain commands, like, in your room, let’s go outside and come.. the “come” command is not used very often because I’m always there with you! I do not think I was ever trained to sit! I will just look into your eyes lovingly every time you say it!

I am looking for that special forever home with someone that can love me like my mom did.. could that special someone be you?