Fostering in Katy

My name is: Flaco
Age (estimated DOB): 4/13/15
Primary Color: Red
Weight: 13.5 lbs
Gender: Male
Location (City, State): Katy, Texas
My adoption readiness status: I am available for adoption
My optimal Adoptive Home: Moderate Energy/Activity
Has someone that is home mostly during the day
Is okay with a dog in their lap quite frequently
I Do Well With: Children under 12 yes
Children over 12 yes
Cats yes
Other small dogs yes
Medium or Large Dogs unknown
Apartment Homes maybe
At night, I prefer to sleep in: My kennel
Walking on a leash I walk very well on a leash and enjoy going for walks
Crate training-please note that we teach crating as a 'safe happy personal space' where the IG can rest/sleep when confinement is necessary. Crates should NEVER be used as a punishment or 'time out' space. I consider the crate my safe space and don't mind being in there at all for reasonable amounts of time. If the door is left open, I will put myself inside to rest.
Italian Greyhounds are known for housebreaking issues and most will have occasional accidents. Many come to us as surrenders due to excessive potty accidents indoors. This is typically the result of poor potty routines within the previous home so we do typically get them on track fairly quickly. As an IG parent you must be willing to commit to a structured and reasonable routine to keep your iggy from having excessive indoor accidents. My house-training Status is: We are working on it!
Right now Flaco needs a belly band and wipes.  He has a very long, flexible body, but he never seems to be able to turn his big chest out of the way.
A little more about me and my personality:

Flaco is tall, red, and good-looking .  He is a happy, tail-wagging, prancing Italian Greyhound.  He loves snuggling and snoozing.  He loves walks around the neighborhood and rides in cars (even if it means he is going to the vet.)

Flaco means "skinny" in Spanish.  And this guy is very skinny.  His ribs and backbone are quite noticeable.  He must have a high metabolism because he eats very well.

The hairs in his beautiful red coat are unusually short.  When you pet him, from head toward tail, he feels very soft.  But reverse the flow and he's prickly!  He loves to be scratched, and must be a little itchy because he will flop on the people bed, legs thrashing the air, and wiggle like a fish out of water!  And his legs are so long we all have to take cover!  His skin looks good, no obvious reason to want his entire spine scratched or rubbed, but this is an every day spectacle.

He is very smart and very obedient.  When he comes inside after a potty break, he comes right over to our clean-up station where we wipe him down with a baby wipe (his "aim" is terrible) and put on his belly band.  When he is bathed, he will stand or sit in the water on command.  He never whines, whimpers, or tries to bolt.  He is calm during the towel dry and calm when the hair dryer is blowing on him.

He  knows so many commands: "kennel", "clean-up", and "sit".  He knows "wait", "outside", "go potty", "treat" (of course), "shake" (whole body, not paw), and more.

Flaco is good with kids, other dogs, cats, and visitors.  He is happy.  He prances.  He has only that one drawback.

If I have a known medical issue or am taking any medications, they are listed here: No medical issues.  He takes monthly heartworm preventative.