Fostering in Houston


Elisa is an absolute sweetheart! Her exact age is unknown but the vet estimates that she is between 7 – 10 years old and weighs in at 10 lb. Her personality has really blossomed since coming into rescue a few months ago. Although she prefers to relax in her crate, she ventures out on her own frequently, and is very curious about her surroundings. If she wants you to pet or hold her, she paws at you until you do so (she loves to be held and cuddled). As meal time approaches, she joins her foster brother (a Lab/Pointer mix) and sisters (also Italian Greyhounds) in the kitchen, wagging her tail with excitement. Her lack of teeth does not stop her from enjoying small kibble. She has mastered potty pads, choosing the ones outside of her crate over the one inside (she is a very tidy girl). Being outdoors for too long still makes her anxious, but she continues to make progress, especially if the weather is to her liking. She also loves snuggling with her 5-year-old human foster brother. Elisa would probably do best in a home with another dog to help with her confidence.


This calm and affectionate girl can’t wait to find her forever home.