Chris Brooks

Sugar Land

My name is Chris Brooks.  I answer to many variations of this: Chris, Chrissy, cutie pie. I know how to come when my name is called. I was in a puppy mill where the conditions were terrible. One day, I was rescued and was welcomed into a whole new world. I am 12 lb and about 8 yrs old. I am currently living with a foster family who have one other Italian greyhound. We get along very well and sometimes sleep together in the same bed or crate. I do well on my own though too. I don’t have much interest in toys yet but that may come later. I am house trained for the most part. On very few occasions I have gotten a little excited and had an accident in the house but these days that is very rare. If I am given opportunities to go outside then I will do very well.  I have even taught my foster brother that it is ok to go outside when it is cold or raining. Something he would never do before I arrived. I am a great eater. I don’t have any teeth as they had to be removed. I don’t let that stop me one bit. I am not picky at all and thoroughly enjoy meal time. I do the cutest happy dance when food is on the way. I am not aggressive during mealtime but will definitely go seek out other’s food if they are not eating it. I love soft treats of any kind and will gladly take them from your hand. I have been around children ages 6-9 who were calm around me and I love that. Smaller children who are very active still make me nervous. I haven’t mastered walking on a leash just yet but the more practice I get the better I have become. Getting me to go out at first is a little challenging but once I get out, I do great. I have enjoyed trips to Petsmart, Natural Paws and the dog park.  The dog park is where I have excelled. I make friends with other dogs quickly and like to meet all the humans. Recently I have learned to enjoy snuggling up to my foster mommy on the sofa. My favorite part is getting my tummy rubbed. I am very thankful for this new way of life and know that I can make a family very happy with my super sweet personality.