Hello my name is Carlotta but call me Carly,
I am a former “puppy mill” survivor and am a beautiful senior girl estimated to be around 9-11 years of age. I am about 13lbs in weight and am in Diva training with my foster family. After escaping the tragic mill situation I learned how to be a pet for the first time in my life. There were 60 of us Italian Greyhounds rescued from the “puppy mill” and several may be my siblings and even more are likely my puppies. Since surviving the “mill” it has been a neat journey learning what a household looks like including learning to run in the large back yard, however I won’t stay in the yard long as I tend to really like the indoors the most. I follow my foster daddy around pretty much everywhere he is. I love to be “near” my humans, but approach me slowly until I am sure it is safe. I don’t hop around on couches or chairs, but I love my Wally bed near the couch so I can be close to you. I can just sleep most of the day and emulate being a couch potato or get out and run with all the other whipper snappers and am eager to try new things like walking with my foster daddy on a leash on the walking trails. I can be easily spooked at first with new sounds and lots of commotion and probably do better in a softer quieter household. I also do better with at least one other dog in the household as I learn from the pack.

I helped another “puppy mill” survivor Madison raise 3 beautiful puppies since she was pregnant when she came into rescue with me. The puppies are all well and adopted out. Madison follows me around the house, while I follow my foster daddy. It is a train of sorts with my foster daddy at the engine and me in the middle, while Madison carries the caboose.

I am potty pad trained and also will go outside. I started out being a picky eater, but now have learned from my pack buddies the trick of training humans for food. I am pretty good at it. Food time is probably my favorite time of day, and I love Bison lung cube treats as they are the best. I only have 5 teeth, but it does not stop me as I like my kibble and Honest Kitchen as well.

I cannot wait to meet my new forever home family, preferably someone who is at home a lot as I have really gotten attached to my foster daddy as he spoils and pampers me silly! Do you have IGGY or “mill” dog experience? I have a great easy going kind of personality. Will you give me a chance to be a part of your family? I promise you will be glad you did. Watch my journey video to see me in action.