Fostering in Oklahoma

Blue is a sweet but timid 13-year-old girl who is looking for a special family that will love and have patience with her.  Although she grew up in a loving home, Blue is nervous around new people and situations and takes some time to trust and get comfortable.  Once she decides that you’re safe, she’ll come up and bump your hand with her nose to let you know that she wants attention.  If you ignore her requests for attention, she’ll put her feet up on your legs and give short little barks.  She likes to stay close to the adult members of her family and follows her foster mom around the house all day.  She has even started cuddling under the covers with her foster mom during nap time!  Her foster family recently adopted two human children, and Blue avoids them as much as she possibly can.  Although they would never hurt her, their quick movements and loud noises make her extremely nervous.  Blue is a well-behaved lady who doesn’t get into trouble or have accidents in the house.  She is perfectly happy to have a nice, soft place to nap where she can keep an eye on her people.  Due to her personality, Blue needs a home without young children or a lot of commotion.  Could you be the quiet, loving home that this sweet senior is waiting for?