Fostering in Dallas/Fort Worth
Hello everyone! My name is Bastion. I am a 10 year old, red colored biggy iggy, that is looking for his forever home. I came to rescue with some really good skills in place and am working on improving a couple of others. First thing on my IG Resume is that I am a SUPER snuggler and cuddler! I love to be in your lap or right beside you on the sofa while we watch TV together. If you have a blanket available to cuddle under, that makes it even better. I am also an excellent entertainer as long as I have plenty of soft squeaky toys available-playing catch and fetch is my very most favorite thing to do!!!!! I had to have all but one of my teeth removed when I entered rescue, so soft squishy toys work best. I am very good at walking on a leash too. When the weather is cooler, we can go on long walks together-doesn’t that sound nice?
I am working on house-training and that is coming along quite nicely, especially now that the humans have figured out that I am hard of hearing and that they need to speak up for me to hear them. I have the #1 part figured out, but that #2 sometimes doesn’t make it out to the yard. I am improving though! I am also learning how to use a supervised dog door while my foster mom is home. I am learning to stay in a kennel when no one is home to keep an eye on me, but I don’t like it very much. In fact, I have talked my foster into letting me sleep in the bed with her at night instead of in my kennel, so I hope you don’t mind that in my new home. Kids and other dogs are A-OK with me, as long as they are nice and gentle with their play time.
All of my vetting has been completed. I tested negative for heartworms, had some lab work done to make sure I am healthy on the inside, my shots were brought up to date, and my very infected mouth has been tended to. Even though my teeth had to be removed to make me feel better, I am just like any other dog when it comes to dinner time- I LOVE TO EAT and I do not require anything special for my diet.