Fostering in Sugar Land

Hello…my name is Ashton, better known as Ash. My foster mom says I am a very handsome boy! I am about 5 yrs old and weigh in at a svelte 11 lb. The beginning of my story is a sad one—-I am a puppy mill survivor. The only reason I was keep was to help produce puppies for profit. I was not loved, taught social skills or ever vetted, but you are all aware of the horrors of puppy mills, so let’s move on to the happy part of my story—–in August, I along with 59 other IG’s were saved!! Since then, my foster mom has been teaching me what it’s like to be a loved, pampered iggy boy. She says I have come a long way, gaining confidence, not being quite as fearful of humans or even my own shadow. I absolutely need a home with another confident dog to help in my progress. I have learned a lot from my foster brother & sister. Unfortunately, I am still not comfortable being outside, which makes me perfect for someone who does not like to walk their dogs because I don’t want to go for a walk either! I will go out and potty but want right back in the house. I come looking for affection now, am learning to play with toys, get very animated at meal time and even greet mom with a waggy tail when she comes home. I could go on and on but mom says…she would be happy to talk all about me if you are interested.  Let’s be honest…even though I have learned a lot in my new life, I still have a way to go.

My “forever” home needs to have Iggy experience, patience and a willingness to help me continue my journey to the life I was meant to have. Is that you?