Fostering in Taylor

My name is: Ari
Age (estimated DOB): 10-20-08
Primary Color: Blue (Gray)
Weight: 20 pounds
Gender: Male
Location (City, State): Taylor, TX
My adoption readiness status: I am available for adoption
My optimal Adoptive Home: Low Energy/Activity
Moderate Energy/Activity
Has Adults Only in it
Has a Canine Companion
Has no other dogs except me
Has someone that is home mostly during the day
Has someone that can come home at lunch and let me out to potty
Is okay with a dog in their lap quite frequently
I Do Well With: Children under 12 no
Children over 12 yes
Cats no
Other small dogs yes
Medium or Large Dogs unknown
Apartment Homes maybe
At night, I prefer to sleep in: Kennel or human's bed
Walking on a leash I walk very well on a leash and enjoy going for walks
Crate training-please note that we teach crating as a 'safe happy personal space' where the IG can rest/sleep when confinement is necessary. Crates should NEVER be used as a punishment or 'time out' space. I consider the crate my safe space and don't mind being in there at all for reasonable amounts of time. If the door is left open, I will put myself inside to rest.
Italian Greyhounds are known for housebreaking issues and most will have occasional accidents. Many come to us as surrenders due to excessive potty accidents indoors. This is typically the result of poor potty routines within the previous home so we do typically get them on track fairly quickly. As an IG parent you must be willing to commit to a structured and reasonable routine to keep your iggy from having excessive indoor accidents. My house-training Status is: Very rare or no indoor accidents
A little more about me and my personality: Hi, I am Ari, a very handsome, Blue, Biggy Iggie.  It is obvious I have known love in the past, so coming into a foster home with lots of human attention and love has been easy for me. I have never met a stranger and love everyone.  I was Heartworm positive when I entered rescue, so my foster parents helped me through the treatments.  But, if I have to say so myself, I was so good about it. I never once complained,  and I eagerly took my medications, as long as they were buried in a spoon full of Peanut Butter!  By the way, I love treats.  My favorites are Peanut Butter, Cheddar Cheese cubes, and Denta-Strips.  My favorite activity is cuddling beside one of my humans on the couch. I don’t like to be picked up too much, as I am a senior and it hurts if you touch my hips wrong. My foster parents figured out that is the reason that I get cranky when picked up, so they know that if it is necessary to pick me up, to do it carefully and slowly. I will eagerly jump up beside you to be close, so you shouldn't need to pick me up often. In the beginning, I didn’t care for outdoors, but my foster parents have shown me that sunning outside is amazing, and I am even learning to run a bit lately.  I love to go, and do well on a leash and in a kennel in the car.  I do great using a supervised doggie door, and rarely have an accident, and I will let you know when I need out of the kennel in the mornings. I am a great watch dog, and will alert you when anyone is approaching the door. I had separation anxiety when I first arrived in foster care, but now, as long as you love on me and assure me you’ll be back, I am fine.  And, I will eagerly welcome you when you return. I’m not too fond of toys, but I love to be tucked in at night, and have a blankie over me. I am pretty low energy, so I would love a home where I can simply be near my people and spend time with them. I was very confused about crates in the beginning, but have learned that my crate is a snugly, warm place and I often choose to rest there. I will also willingly go to my crate when you ask me to do so. I like to sleep in the bed with my people, but have to admit that I am a bit of a bed hog. I am looking for a forever home with people who will spoil me and love me as much as I will love them.
If I have a known medical issue or am taking any medications, they are listed here: Sensitive hips.  He is currently taking a non-prescription joint supplement called Glucosamine Chondroitin, which is helping.